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Calendar of Events

Yogi Baba Prem offers a variety of programs that are watched globally.  His webinars are unique in the fact that you can watch the recorded program at a time that matches your schedule.  Note there are no refunds on registration, unless of course a program was cancelled by Universal Yoga.   As Yogi Baba Prem generally only teaches more advanced programs, the programs are not recommended if one is pregnant without preapproval from Universal Yoga.  By attending or purchasing a program, you agree that it is your responsibility to know when to stop an exercise.  You assume all responsibility for your health and wellness.

NOTE: if you do not have a PayPal account we can invoice you through PayPal to assure you a safe transaction and so you can use your debit or credit card.  Just email us the program you would like to watch or attend.


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Upcoming Events: 


Special Event

Healing Prayer Program

Now available online.

With the events that have been happening globally for some time now, I simply cannot sit by and do nothing.  While I invest a considerable amount of time chanting for peace in the world, I invite you to join me in this journey.  Together we will chant mantras for peace and work to clear some energy from these violent events that can have a profound affect upon the mind and body. 

In this program you will learn:

  • Why it is important to counter these energies.
  • How they affect the mind.
  • How to cleanse your aura.
  • How to begin to cleanse the subconscious mind.
  • Mantras for peace.

This program is being offered on a donation basis, so that anyone can attend that wishes to. Please note: while this is a donation so anyone can attend that wishes to, your donation is NOT tax deductible. 

January Lecture Series

December 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th  (Programs are pre-recorded and links to watch are emailed at the same time so student's can watch on their schedule.)

Yogi Baba Prem shatters our understanding of karma and takes it to a deeper level.  This program will elevate and transform many people's understanding of karma, its application and relevance with one's life.  A wonderful way to begin 2018.

Investment: $140.00

Registration has closed for this event.  Email us if you wish to join. 

January Sanga

January 4th, 11th, 18tht, and 25th. (Programs are Pre-recorded for student's globally.)

Yogi Baba Prem returns back to the Vedas.  In this sanga, he will lecture on important mantras and techniques, as well as teach new ways to work with mantras.  He will also discuss mantra for the Rishi's and briefly introduce an element of Rishi Yoga.  This series will involve longer periods of chanting and meditation than we usually do in the sanga programs.  This program will include techniques that Yogi Baba Prem has not taught in public before.  This is a special program to start the new year off with.

Investment: $155.00  

Future Programs Coming:


Exploring the Mantra to the Sacred Earth.

Coming soon.

The idea of the sacred earth is considerably old.  It is likely the oldest reference to what is more commonly know as an aspect of  environmentalism.  The mantras to the sacred earth contain many important messages that often ignored or not recognized by many student's of spirituality. 

In this program, Yogi Baba Prem will explore one of the older mantras to the earth.  He will explore the deeper message behind elements of this mantra.  This program will likely change many people's understanding of their relationship with the earth.

Investment: $30.00

Registration has not opened for this event.


The Devas

Coming in 2018

Yogi Baba Prem is probably best known for his commentary and work with the Devas.  The word Deva literally means the shining ones.  Commonly translated as Gods, this translation does not really convey the concept of the Devas, as they represent forces of consciousness and Divinity as well.  In this program, Yogi Baba Prem will explain how the Devas are associated with various aspects of your being. 

In this series, Yogi Baba Prem will go back to the Vedas, the oldest written spiritual teachings still practiced and will examine Divine forms, as well as their relevance within ones life.  He will explore how to access these energies and work with them. 

Student's attending this program will need to have been in the Vedic Studies program or have completed the Mantra Teacher Training program.

Investment: TBD

Registration has not opened for this event.


Secrets of Mantra and Asana

Coming in 2018

In this program, Yogi Baba Prem will explore mantra and its specific application to asana.  This program will examine specific mantras for specific postures.  It will include the circumstances other mantras would be used.  It will also teach a basic philosophy for determining switching mantras.  We will examine the application in an Ayurvedic setting, as well as applying this approach to counter balance issues for individuals.

This is the program that most yoga teachers have never been introduced to and allows students to develop a greater understanding of the application of the mantra with physical postures.

Investment: $50.00

Registration has not opened for this program. 


Bhīma Namavalli

The Sacred Names of the Earth

Coming in 2018

Many years ago Yogi Baba Prem was guided to begin compiling the sacred names of various forms of Divinity.  The first of these to be revealed was Usha, which was the first time that the names had been compiled for the benefit of humanity.  During this time he was guided to do the same with earth.  He has patiently waited for a sign it was time to teach these.  In 2015, Bhudevi (the Goddess of the Earth) asked him to begin to teach mantra to the earth to all his student's.  All workshops immediately began to include mantra to Bhudevi. 

In this program Yogi Baba Prem will teach the sacred names to the earth and each student will become a caretaker of this sacred information. 

This program is limited to student's that have personally studied with Yogi Baba Prem, those taken the Vedic Studies program, those that have taken the Rishi Yoga program, and those that learned the sacred names of Usha. 

Investment: $30.00

Registration has not opened for this event.

Hallucination, Truth and the Spiritual Experience.

Coming Soon.  (recorded for different time zones)

Ancient teachings have always taught that the journey toward spiritual realization contained traps, illusions, misinterpretations and a variety of pitfalls.  Often the pitfalls are misconstrued as realization.  For this reason, yoga has always taught the importance of Vivek (discrimination) and Vairagya (detachment).  But there are other keys in this journey. 

In this lecture, Yogi Baba Prem will teach about the trappings of our own mind.  How we misinterpretation experience, the influencing factors for misinterpreting spiritual experience.  He will also cover strategies to evaluate experience and illustrate how to understand and define this process. 

Investment: $40.00

Registration has not opened for this event.



Understanding Sanskrit Grammar 102-consanants.

Date: TBA

This program is open only to student's that have a basic understanding of Sanskrit.  Each student must be able to recognize Sanskrit letters.  If you have taken our home study program you qualify to attend this program.  If you have not, you will need to pass a short test to demonstrate proficiency with Sanskrit letters.

This program will examine the relationship between consonants.  This information is necessary to understand how some words are separated. 

This program will be recorded and student's will be provided with a copy of the recording to keep so they may review as many times as necessary.

Investment: $30.00



Vedic Studies-Mantra Application and theory.

Coming in the future

Time: 7:00 PM

Yogi Baba Prem will lecture on a series of secrets pertaining to mantra and its application.  This program will teach about important mantras, their purpose and application. 

This program is limited to student's that are current in their Vedic Studies.

Registration has not opened for this event.



Sacred Physics--moving beyond limitation and into the realm of the mystic.

Coming in the future.

7:00 pm (-5:00 GMT)

This lecture will take student's deeper into the world of the mystic.  Examining the mystical view of life, space and time.  Yogi Baba Prem will share techniques for moving beyond physical limitation from a mystical view.


Investment: TBD

Registration ha not opened for this event.


Mini-lectures are new and are designed to quickly dispence information allowing students and teachers to fill in gaps of knowledge within their personal practice or teaching.  You do not have to attend live, all can watch the recorded lecture on their schedule within a week of the scheduled date.   Attendance is limited so register early.

These are short 15-20 lectures and require an investment of only $15.00 to $20.00.  Get the facts in a short concise lecture.  Here is a list of upcoming programs that will be scheduled soon:

Contemplation of the Soul-Mini Lecture

Date: This event has not been scheduled

Time: 7:00 pm (-5:00 GMT) program will be recorded.

Soul is a term that is frequently used. It is commonly used as a vikalpa, which when properly used means to refer to something that cannot be measured.  But the Vedic and traditions of India have a clear cut understanding of meaning of this word 'soul'.  In this lecture, Yogi Baba Prem will explore why it is important to define ones sacred space and to clearly define the meanings of sacred terms as well as their application. 

Investment: $15.00

Registration has not opened for this program.


Sacred Fire-Mini Lecture

Date: TBA

Time: 7:00 pm (-5:00 GMT)

Fire is a sacred teaching found within the majority of the worlds spiritual traditions.  In this mini-lecture, learn the names of the sacred fire, the relevance that it has in ones spiritual growth and personal health.  Learn how to integrate sacred fire as part of ones existing spiritual practice or learn to start a spiritual practice with sacred fire. 

In this lecture, we will explore the different definitions pertaining to sacred fire and several different applications of sacred fire that already exist. By understanding these applications, one can learn to work with them to deeply enhance ones life. 

Investment: $15.00

Registration has not opened for this program.



  • "That was simply wonderful." --EJ, Texas


  • "So many pieces are coming together, thanks to your online lecture." --AV, Canada


  • "I recently watched the Divine Goddess Lecture and really enjoyed it" --AS, Singapore 


  • "I first want to express my gratitude and a heartfelt thank you  for sharing your depth of knowledge of the Vedas with me.  The Gayatri and Vedic Yoga Workshop has taken me to another level in my studies." --JS, California